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I Have Too Much Fat In My Legs What Causes It

The land heats really to blame for CO2? (By scienzamarcia)

An article from the Blog "
Science Marcia and the Lie Global
( ).

global warming our fault?

) A grade, not a 4 0 5, and counting that the rise began after the so-called " Little Ice Age" ended in 1850 (when the Thames froze it .. and every year during the Middle Ages, however, there was a warm period called "
the IPCC (which was later found lying about the data on global warming is conspiring to silence the many skeptical scientists: see " Scandal ClimatGate
also announcing well-GRADE A rise in temperature ... until about 10 years ago (no more then increases ..)...
Medieval Warm Period" where temperatures were more or less like today's if not the hottest .. and up to 12 thousand years ago in Europe and the Ice Age climate millions of years ago in Liguria thriving corals etc. .. in short, the climate has always alternating glacial to interglacial phases and stages within these periods the hottest and most Fedde), thus to be regarded more as a normal re-establishment of normal temperatures and not as an interglacial change "
catastrophic" due to 'man.

Nevertheless it is clear that we should not pollute or waste energy: however, relentlessly attacking the CO2 prevents made to devote to decrease the REAL pollutants (think of pesticides, ferilizzanti, industrial waste, military waste, etc ...) and in the interests of those who want to transform CO2 in the first experiment of global taxation.

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Tuesday December 16, 2008

The earth is indeed warming because of CO2?

This is a translation of the summary (abstract) with a substantial scientific paper che denuncia la truffa dell'effetto serra (vedi articolo precedente
), che potete visionare a
questo link

in lingua originale ( ).

(Articolo accettato dalla rivista “

Energy and Environment ” [ Energia ed ambiente

], Agosto 2008)

I limiti dell’ipotesi sul cambiamento climatico indotto CO2 based on recent data obtained on Earth.
David H. Douglass (a) and John R. Christy (b) Summary (Abstract) global weather anomalies of the earth have reached a peak in 1998, that maximum is not exceeded during the next 10 years. The global anomalies are calculated on the basis of an average of climate effects that are found in tropical and extratropical. The effects of El Niño / La Niña in the tropical band are shown to explain the 1998 maximum while variations in the background of the anomalies [climate] are mostly related to climate effects in the northern extratropical regions. These effects have not visited the signature of climate change associated with CO2. In any case, the data show a small underlying positive trend that is consistent with the hypothesis of climatic changes associated with the absence of CO2 feedback.
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627, USA
Department of Atmospheric Science and Center for Earth System Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville , AL 35899, USA

1. Introduction

The International Observatory on Climate Change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC) reported that the average global temperature on Earth's surface has risen by about 1 º C during the last century [IPCC, 2007].
My comment [Corrado Penna]
and what the hell, just a degree in a century and those you care about!? And maybe they do not know that in the past medieval times (when it happens to be looking strong inputs of CO2 in the air) Greenland (Greenland in English) was inhabited by people who gave it that name "Green earth" (Green Land) because they found the vegetation cover (like the current green Ireland)? More than a degree of difference than it is today, to varying degrees, and without the intervention of the terrible carbon dioxide. This means then that there is something in kind (non-CO2) that can be the cause for extreme climate change, who can not be excluded that this modest level of increase is not due to very little human issues such as astronomical events?



"Greenhouse Effect: The Great Buffalo!"

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